Laminate Floor Review

Happy October everyone! I can’t believe September is over and we are already well into October. Time is flying by and it only seems to get worse as I get older! We have been in our new house for almost 6 months already (wow I just realized this) and I thought I would share our … [Read more…]

Fall Home Tour

I am so excited that it is finally September and I am allowed to decorate for Fall! We won’t talk about the fact that I started at the end of August (shhhhhh don’t tell). The holiday season is my favorite. I love the colder weather, the family time, the cozy feeling and of course getting … [Read more…]

Bench Makeover

I am finally blogging about a project! I have a bad habit of starting something and then not finishing it for weeks on end. I really need to work on that! Anyways, I have been looking for a bench for the end of my bed for awhile and I finally found one that I loved … [Read more…]

Front Entry Reveal

I SO missed living in a house. After living in apartments for years I had forgotten how much fun a house is. All the nooks and small spaces that need a decorating touch. I have missed that the last 6 or 7 years that we have lived in apartments. I wanted to share one of … [Read more…]

Bedroom Reveal

It has been a busy busy last few weeks so I have not been able to blog much. My husband was getting ready to leave for PA school and we decided to take a trip to Ireland to celebrate our 10 year anniversary that is coming up next month since he will be gone. We … [Read more…]

Fourth of July Decor

How is it July already tomorrow!? Time is flying by and we are already half way through the year. Who out there decorates for every holiday? I usually just do Christmas and fall because I have lived in apartments for years and I just haven’t had the space to store extra decor. Well I am … [Read more…]

Living Room Reveal

Happy Friday everyone! I am actually headed to work for the next two nights but I wanted to share our living room before I get sucked into work for a few days. I have already shared some basics but I wanted to show you all the details. I’m sure things will be changed and added … [Read more…]

Dining Room

Hello hello! It is crazy right now at my house and if you were here you would see the pest control guy spraying the house, the solar company doing their walk through for the design, and there will soon be landscapers here for an initial quote! Like I said, things have been a little crazy … [Read more…]

Tv Solution

Hello everyone! I have been MIA for a couple of weeks as we moved into our new house! I have been sharing a few sneak peaks on Instagram and Facebook for you all so hopefully it hasn’t been to bad. I am finally ready to share my first project in the new place. The dreaded … [Read more…]

We are buying a house!

So so so excited to finally blog a little bit about our new home. Yes, we are buying a house! It has been a loooooong journey but we are approaching the last leg. Before closing I thought I would share the progress up until now. In the fall my husband and I decided to buy … [Read more…]