Easy Autumn Mantle Decor

Hi guys! Long time no see. I know I know I say that a lot lately. Unfortunately with everything going on in my life right now I just haven’t had the time to decorate for the seasons and share with you guys as much as I want to. I am finally sharing another corner of the house that I HAVE decorated. I recently decided to makeover my fireplace mantle in the living room. It looked good in pictures but in person it was a little on the yellow side and a bit dirty. I originally wanted to strip it down but it looked AWFUL. A big fat fail. In the end I decided to paint it. It’s finally painted which motivated me to finally decorate it!

For the decor I wanted to keep it neutral and simple. This was so easy to pull together with things that I already had. All you need is euculyptus, pumpkins, vintage books, candles and a print of your choice. On the floor I stacked a lot of vintage books in different heights. To add some fall touches I places a bunch of candlesticks and a couple of pumpkins on top of the books. It just took some trial and error to get it where I really liked it.

On the top of the mantle I started with some eucalyptus branches from Traders Joes. On top of the branches I placed a couple of bigger blue/green pumpkins and layered in some white baby boos. On the opposite side I kept it simple with some more eucalyptus in a glass jar and a small marble candle holder from Target. I finished off the look with a canvas painting turned around. I like the texture and color of the back. I pinned a print from Dear Lillie to add that little extra pop. It also a saying that I absolutely love.

Doesn’t the mantle look great painted white!? I am sure some people will wish I had left it alone but I just love how clean and fresh it feels now. I might still distress it a bit I just haven’t decided yet. To finish off the fall feel I layered a couple of pillows in the glider chair next to the fireplace and added a white blanket. It just adds another later of coziness to this little corner.

Oh and I of course couldn’t not share how this space looks at night. That is one of the best parts! There is just something about candle light……

When I got done with this space it just reminded me of why I decorate my spaces. It brings a new fresh feel to my home without even buying anything new. The holiday season is my favorite. Since this is the last one in the states for awhile I am really trying to remind myself to enjoy the decorating process in this little house of ours before we have to sell it and move on.

What do you think of this little corner all dolled up for Fall? What is your favorite time of the year? DOn’t forget to follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook for sneak peaks and my every day!