Summer Dining Room

Well hello guys! I have been busy doing simple changes around my house and I couldn’t let the season pass without showing you before the seasons change. I won’t lie, I am soooooo ready for Fall but I am trying to resist the urge to decorate super early. To help with that I am shopping the house and rearranging some of the main rooms in the house. Today I am showing you the dining room! Just like with the bedroom I haven’t changed much. I toned things down a bit and simplified (the word of the year).

One of the things that got me going on the redo was the gnat infestation. I love my real plants but recently I have been battling the gnats. I finally got super annoyed with them and took all my plants outside! I ordered some things to treat them and hopefully kill them. After that I rearranged my spaces when bringing the plants back in. Two of the real plants made it back to this space. One in the middle of the table and the other on the side table. I put faux plants in my hanging macrame plants hangers.

One of the biggest changes is that I decided that the plants hangers felt a little unfinished. It has bothered my a bit since the first time I hung them up. I finally decided to fix the problem. I grabbed a branch I had in the garage and hung the plant hangers from that. I can’t believe how much better it makes it look! The whole thing looks so much more finished and put together. Such an easy and free change to up the entire look.

On the table I left the macrame table runner and just added a few things on top. A plant, some candle stick holders from Target that I got on sale, antlers and a small white pottery piece.  It is a less busy and cluttered look. I feel like by decluttering a bit I will be setting myself up to transition into the next season easily! I left neutral white pillows on the chairs and a simple white blanket on the bench.

On the side table I kept most of the same items I just rearranged them. I also added another real plant. The scale and copper kettle or some of my favorite vintage finds. I also display some of my ironstone here as well.

Honestly that is about it. I didn’t spend any money doing this update. As I did with the rest of the rooms, I shopped my house! I know I will probably be picking up a few things for Fall so I don’t want to spend any money at the moment, especially at the end of the summer season. Refreshing the space with things I already have gives me the same feeling of picking up new items. It feels new when put into a new space! So if you’re like me and need a little change to hold you over into Fall, shop your home and shuffle some things around!






      I did a whole pst on them on the blog. Just search “Laminate floor” and all the info is there!

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