Boho Farmhouse Bedroom Update

Hey guys! If you follow along with me on Instagram you know that I have been in a bit of a design funk lately. I don’t know what it is about summer that does that to me. I know I know, I am not much of a summer girl. Yep I said it! I like the cold, I like the holiday season,  and I like to redecorate for the cooler weather. Summer just stumps my design creativity for some reason. Any who, I decided to try to get out of this funk and redo my bedroom. Nothing major or anything, just a little rearrange.

I kept all the major pieces the same like the bed, bedding, lamps, etc. Some of the wall art has stayed the same (the ladder and the printer tray, both which I love). I did change out the art over the bed adding my horse print and some photographs I ordered last year from Etsy and had printed.

On the bed I switched out the pillows and added some that were previously in other parts of the house. I didn’t buy anything new for this space, just shuffled stuff around. Sometimes when you are in a funk this is the best thing to do! It prevents you from buying stuff that you don’t need or really want just to up your mood. I have definitely been guilty of this in the past!

For the rest of the space I decided to just simplify everything in the space. I have slowly been getting better and better about this. It has been a process but I am getting there! I took everything off the night stands I left just the lamps, a few vintage books and a small faux plant. I would add real plants to this space but since I work nights this room is usually blacked out so I can sleep! No real plants would do well here sadly.

On the mantle I did the same. A few vintage books, a few pottery pieces and a vintage picture that I love. Simple simple simple. Thats my motto! On the bench I also didn’t add much. Just my favorite “nap” pillow, a belly basket with a blanket in it and another pottery piece I already had. I am seriously loving the clean uncluttered feeling this space is giving me now! Maybe I just needed a little “spring cleaning.” A little summer cleaning instead!

On the dresser cabinet I left the giant horse print (which I got for $30!!) that I love. I simplified that as well with only adding a couple of cement candle sticks and another faux plant. Next to the cabinet I placed one of the many vintage chairs I have collected (I have a chair problem!). The blanket and pillow were also taken from a different part of the house.

I know nothing major has happened in here and sometimes I wonder if I should even share the little things. However I thought maybe I wasn’t the only one in a rut. Maybe this will encourage you to try shopping around your home and shuffling some stuff around! So what do you think of my little room redo shuffle? Do you do the same in your home? I do just want to say a quick thank you for continuing to stop by this little blog of mine!! I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you again and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!




  1. Joanna

    Looks great! More often than not in life it really is just the little, simple things. 🙂


      It is from Overstock! We have had it for a couple of years so I am not sure they make the exact one anymore but they always have a lot of options

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