1. Olivia Wilson

    Our most favored option was to adopt. We started looking into adoption. We spent the next 3 years trying to adopt. We were even close to the end of the process. About a week later our social worker called to say that our adoption application was going to be put hold. We were shocked by this news but the decision was final. Thus we found surrogacy the better option than the adoption. We found the Ukrainian reproductive medicine center Biotexcom. The price pleasantly surprised us, we paid 30 thousand euros. But, it is important to note that this cost includes accommodation, meals, transfers, airport pick up. And it didn’t cost a cent more. We were amazed that after the first attempt, our surrogate mother became pregnant. She is a pleasant woman who is attentive and responsible to the baby, whom she carries for us. Moreover, in the clinic after delivery manager even decided all the issues with documents for us.

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