Small Patio Update

Hey you guys!! Wow I can’t believe it is already the middle of the June. There has been so many things going on lately with trips, new nieces, and a wedding. It has made the last few months just fly by. I’m not complaining though because that means we are a little closer to Jeff being out of school and us back in the same house for good! We also have so much coming up. I am taking a fun trip to Vegas with my childhood best friend this weekend We are speeding up the IVF process and dealing with the stress of that, and my first niece turns ONE at the end of August. So much going on!

Between all the crazy I did find a little time to revamp our small patio. I wanted to make it even cozier and really add that neutral comfy feel to it. Decorating is my happy place as I have said in the past and is really a way I can stretch my creative mind. A month or so ago we replaced some plants that had died, re-mulched, and weeded the entire yard. After seeing the end result it motivated me to work on our patio. One thing always leads to another, right!?

The main changes I made were a few of the finishes. I found some new pillow at Home Goods that I scotch guarded so that they would work outside. The existing rug I moved to a different spot in the yard and picked up two outdoor rugs at Marshalls. I couldn’t find one big enough for a good price so I decided to buy two of the same and put them side by side to make one large rug. I also moved some plants around and added a lace table runner on our Target table.

One the opposite side I added new pillows to the white chairs I already had. I picked up that fun basket I found at Home Goods. Not sure what its made of but I love it! In addition I also found a wicker table at Target on sale that has a little storage and a tray on top. It matched our coffee table that we already had so I thought it would be perfect.

Over at our little patio table and chairs I added a rustic door that I got of craigslist for only $20! It adds some much needed interest to this wall. And look at my Jasmine this year! Last year it didn’t really blossom much so I was a little concerned about it but this year it just went crazy. I really need to get into a bigger pot but it works for now.

Let me tell you, if you love this small patio by day, you should see it at night! Of course I’m going to show you! I strung up lights last summer and I still love the warmth it adds. In addition to those I added lanterns and candles around the patio to make it even more cozy. I just love how the space looks so different at night time. It’s my jam you guys!!

There is nothing like revamping a room or outdoor space to really make you smile and appreciate it even more. It doesn’t take much to create a completely different feel. I want to encourage you all to take the time and change things out that you may not like, to really make it your own. You don’t have to have a large space to make something beautiful! Summer is officially here and this patio will be a perfect space to hang out in, day or night!! Have you revamped a space recently? How have you decorated your patio for the summer season? I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to follow along with my on Instagram to get sneak peaks of things I am working on!


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  1. Hi, Karen. You have a beautiful and cozy patio. The string lights perfectly create a mood and the vine trellis is such a charming wall decor. You did an amazing job in updating your outdoor space!

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