How to Hang Vintage Windows

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories I showed you a little of my window wall going up my stairs. I asked you all if you wanted some information on how I hung them up and you said yes! So here it is, a little how to on hanging vintage windows. Disclaimer: I am not a professional by any means so do your research! I am going to show you how it worked for me.

First let me show you how my wall is looking these days. I have a window I still need to hang, and I want to add more, but I still love it now even not finished.



Ok, so thats what the wall looks like. Let me walk you through how I hung them. I used a couple of different things depending on the size of the window. I originally bought some picture hangers for the back of each window that nailed into place. I would not recommend this as they pulled out pretty easily once I hung them on the wall. I ended up having to put screws around it to hold into place. That actually worked pretty well but you need extra supplies (the screws). These hangers work well now but I would definitely say get ones that screw in instead of nail in.

I also used a smaller screw in one for some of the smaller ones but I think they would work just as well on the bigger windows. They screw in pretty easily into the wood frames of the windows.

For really heavy windows I would recommend these large bar hangers you can get at Home Depot or Lowes. I used one on our very heavy mirror downstairs in our entry way. They are a little more pricey so I didn’t use them on my windows but if you are nervous about hanging windows, or you have kids and you want to be sure they stay, these are the way to go. I didn’t use studs for my windows but this one below we screwed into a stud. I don’t remember the exact name but you can find them in the picture hanging section and they have different ones for different weights. It also has a built in level which was nice!

Alright, those are the different options I used for my windows. As for the wall side here is what I did. Also found in the picture section of the local hardware store they have different weight hangers. I bought ones that were higher up (I think 40-50lbs or something). I figured this way I wouldn’t have to make sure they were in a stud. Here is what they look like. These just nail right into the wall. Super easy.

They have several different options you can choose from so do your research. These have worked great for mine, I haven’t had a problem. I don’t have kids so again you may want to pay a little more for some heavier duty ones but mine seem pretty sturdy.

So there you have it my friends! It really isn’t as hard as it seems. I love the texture and character it adds to my stairway without being over the top. And as for where I find my windows. I look on craigslist, Facebook market, local thrift stores, and local antique stores. I don’t think I have paid more then $35 for a window (accept the stainless which was a bit more) and I have been collecting them for months and months at this point. I am picky now on what I buy because I like getting unique windows. I want them all to be a little different from each other.

Well I hope this helps you feel better and more confident in doing this in your own home! I would love to see your wall if you decide to hang windows so please send me pictures so I can see! If you do try this I hope you love it as much as I love mine. Thanks so much for stopping by!!