1. Jojo

    Are you not considering adoption? The kids are already here and I believe it’s cheaper. I would find it very hard to combine my husband’s sperm with another woman’s egg/s. Even though the act wasn’t present I see that as adultery. I would have an extremely difficult time accepting a baby born that would be my husband’s child but with some other woman. That to me is much weirder than adoption where there are no ties to either of you. You are definitely much braver than I am. Best of luck to you!

  2. Karlene DiGiglio

    Hi Karen, Not sure if you remember me and you were much too young to know my journey. Your blog popped up on my facebook and I read it. Together, Steve and I are infertile. Married 38 years and never pregnant. The pain is a part of me. I remember when “the world was pregnant” or so it seemed. My journey has stories re foster parenting, adoption, doctor appts and IVF. Much prayer. Much journaling. Much heartache. If you ever want to friend me on facebook, I am great writting in messenger. I like the privacy factor.

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