I Decorated Our Hallway!

Recently I have been slowly putting my touches on un-used, un-decorated spaces in our home. The newest spot is our upstairs hallway. We have a long hallway connecting all the bedrooms and laundry room that runs over half the length of the house. We have lived here for two years now and I have never really done anything with it. Nothing on the walls, no runner…..nothing. It has kind of always bugged me a bit but I never knew what I wanted to do there. Was it even worth it to decorate that space? What could I even put there that would make sense? I honestly don’t even know how I came up with the whole idea, all of a sudden I just knew what I wanted to do!

My husband and I love to travel. Between the two of us I think we have been to probably almost 20 countries, or maybe more. I also love to take photographs and really enjoy photography when traveling. I love the architecture and character in other countries. I have always wanted to print some out and display them somewhere so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! With that in mind I started my process. What else did I need for the space?

I started with the runner that I was able to get on Rugs USA during one of their holiday sales so it was a great deal. Like I said our hall is super long so I ordered I believe a 12ft runner. It still doesn’t reach all the way down! Luckily I had a smaller different one that worked at the end going into the landing of two bedrooms. Its hard to explain but it worked out. I also wanted to do some sort of a bench to anchor everything. I originally grabbed the one from our bedroom because it was nice and narrow and it fit pretty perfectly. However my husband and I were poking around one of my favorite antique stores in the area and we came across this one. It had actually been there for awhile (and I have always loved it and wanted it) so I decided to ask if they could move on the price a bit. They did come down so I snatched it up and used this one instead. I absolutely LOVE these kind of benches.

I of course added some of my favorite things to the bench. Vintage books I stacked underneath, a couple of pillows and a blanket to soften the space. Next to that I added a basket with a lovely plant in it. Another fun thing I already had on hand was a bunch of vintage maps. I bought them for a project for my sister that didn’t work out and thought they would be great here since its a travel theme. I rolled them up and stuck them in a basket on the floor. I also decided to add my marquee sign that I got a year or so ago. I am loving the darker tones of this space.

On the walls I mixed up different color frames (white, black, and grey) and added prints from all over. There are pictures from Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, France, and England for now. All taken by me or my husband. I had them printed at snapfish and used a coupon so it didn’t cost very much for the amount I bought. Maybe around $50. I ordered that adorable “See the World” sign from Etsy for $15 and I love how it ties in with the travel theme. I also found that “Wanderlust and City Dust” sign (from Marshals I think) for under $5 that I just love!

The last thing I decided to add to give the space more depth is the two macrame plant hangers and plants. I did a DIY post about that last week if you would like to know how to make them! Its an easy and cheap project and adds so much to this little space.

I am so glad I decided to finally try something here in this hallway of ours. It makes me so happy to come up the stairs and see so many pictures from our travels. There are many great memories in each of these photos and it makes it that much more special to use our own work. When a space comes together like this it just makes me happy! Our home is my happy place and its all the more even better when I get to personalize it and truly make it feel like home. Does this inspire you to tackle a space that you have been ignoring for awhile? DO you have a hallway that you decorated? I would love to hear from you and see what you are doing in your own space!