How to Hang a Faux Fireplace Mantle

I have a love of old vintage fireplace mantles. Ever since moving into this house I have been wanting one. Especially since we didn’t have the option to add a real fireplace to this house. I finally got one into the house last year for our living room and was so so happy! Well, I recently got a second one (yay!). My husband and I were out cruising around and doing what we love best. We stumbled across this awesome antique store which had this amazing chippy wood fireplace mantle and it was love at first sight. Of course since I already had one I originally walked away from it. I mean, I didn’t really NEED another one. Luckily my wonderful husband decided to take me back and told me to buy it! Yep, he’s the best isn’t he?! I knew exactly where I was going to put it.

Once I got it home it went right into our master bedroom. We have a big blank wall that I knew it would look great on. Who doesn’t love more then one mantle to decorate right? I did want to do something a bit different though then our downstairs one. The one in the living room is leaned up against the wall. This one I decided I wanted to mount to the wall. It would be a little more secure that way. You guys this is super easy to do! My husband did the heavy work but I will give you the details.

It seems that most fireplace mantles have a grove in the back that is perfect for a piece of wood to fit in. All we did was buy the size we needed from the store (measure the groove to see what you need). From there my husband cut the length down, screwed the piece of wood at the height we needed into studs (make sure its level). He then placed the mantle over the piece of wood. It should rest on the wood. He put a couple of screws through the top into the piece of wood on the wall to secure it. Let me tell you, this thing is solid! It is making me want to hang the one down stairs as well! I love how it looks!!

I decorated the top with a few vintage items. The painting has moved around my house and I love it on the mantle. I also added some old books, a couple of plants, and a vintage crock and bottle. I wanted to keep it pretty simple.

That is all there is to it you guys. I love adding character to our new build home. This piece adds so much to our bedroom and I am already enjoying decorating this new piece. One day I hope to use our faux mantles on a real fireplace but for now I will enjoy at least having a mantle (well two actually!) to decorate! Now to decide what to do with the fireplace opening……maybe wood slices or something. We will see! What do you think of our new mantle?