Spring Theater Seat Back Entryway

Its spring and my garden is in full bloom, the weather has been really nice, and I am enjoying every bit of it! I haven’t been updating you all on my Spring decor much lately. I thought I would pop on here and show you how I have decorated my back entryway for spring. You all know that I looooooove my theater seats that I got awhile back. They are by far one of my all time favorite pieces in my home. If you ever run across a pair that speaks to you I encourage you to get them! No regrets from me on that purchase. Well I decked out my theater seats and around it for the season.

My new philosophy is to try to keep things simple and not too crazy. I find myself drawn to some deeper wood tones and colors lately. When changing up this space I kept to that mind set. On the chairs themselves all I added was a couple of plain neutral pillows and a grey linen blanket. The chairs have so much character I don’t need to go too crazy on them.


On the shelf above the chairs I kept a few things the same like the tobacco basket in addition to an old mallet from my family along with the stone bottle. I moved one of my favorite sketches up to the shelf from my great-great-great-grandpa and of course added a plant. Plants are my new obsession, seriously, check out my instagram and you will see! Underneath the shelf are the same hooks with a few essentials I can just grab when needed. The art print I found at an antique store and I just love the colors and character in it. If you could see it in person you would see the old worn canvas texture it has.

All in all it is a pretty simple space but one of my favorites. Those seats bring so much life to this little back entrance of ours. No matter where we end up moving though they will definitely have to find a space! So there you have it, my little entryway simply decorated for Spring. What do you think of this little space of mine? Feel free to always leave a comment below and let me know how you decorate your house for spring!



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