She-Shed Dreaming

Have you guys been seeing all the she-shed craze going around over the past couple of years? You know, the girl version of the man cave? How fun would it be to get to design a space just for yourself to escape to. I unfortunately don’t have a space for one in my current house for one, but maybe I will be lucky enough in my next home! Of course, just because I don’t have a space for one doesn’t mean that I can’t dream about one. I decided to make a little design board using the Arhaus furniture and home line. Here is what I came up with for a sophisticated girly she-shed.

What do you think? I find it fun and challenging to use the same company sometimes to come up with a full design. Everything above can be found at Arhaus. The space I created would fit perfectly in a small white building set into a garden. I just picture something like this (click each picture to go to source)…..

If you follow me on the blog and Instagram, you already know that I love neutrals. This space was no exception. Majority of the space is full of neutrals with a lot of textures. I did add some interest and color in the rug I chose. The pale pink and golds add some warmth and some girly fun. Now I just need to find a home with the perfect out building to change into a dream she-shed! What are your thoughts on the she-shed craze? Is it something you would do if you had the space? I would love to see yours if you already have one!! If not I would encourage you to spread your design wings and have fun creating your own dream space whether its a she-shed or another room in your home!

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  1. I totally agree with you. I’m in the shed business myself and we’ve been getting more and more request for this type of concept. Moreover, providing the shed isn’t the challenge but where we believe we should be investing more effort is towards the thematic of she shed design. I believe there is a serious opportunity to create a set of theme in which a lady can choose and iterate to her taste. I personally enjoy getting these types of request and what I love is the creativity that some women have in designing their own little private space. All to say interesting post!

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