Rustic Boho Farmhouse Entryway

Guess what guys? I redid our front entryway again. Yep, again. One of the things I struggle with is loving multiple styles. I tend to see other blogs, pinterest posts, and instagram pictures and fall in love with different looks. Seriously an every day struggle with me. I’m sure I am not the only one!! Recently I have been really trying to narrow my field of vision and try to be true to what I love. So what is my style? Well its always changing a little but I am trying to embrace the farmhouse mixed with boho. I also go back and forth constantly on wanting an all white space to having a space with some darker greys and wood tones.

It is hard not to compare my space with others and wonder how everyone will take things. Will they like it? Then I stop and think, why do I care so much!? Of course I want people to like my home and feel inspired but that is not the reason I do it. Decorating should be for you and your family and what you love. From now on I really need to just go in the direction that makes me happy. With that in mind I have recently updated our front entryway and I wanted to share it with you all today.

It wasn’t a total redo or anything. The bench will always be there. It fits great and my husband loves it. Don’t get me wrong, so do I, but I do dream of painting it sometimes. Other times I love the dark color of it and the character. Since he lets me do a lot of things I want to do with no complaint or question the least I can do is let him keep this bench just the way it is!

Other then that I have changed everything else around. It started with that awesome shelf unit I found at Hobby Lobby recently. Never buy anything full price, since they move around the 50% off every week, so be patient and wait until whatever you want is on sale! I decorated it with a mix of greenery, pottery and some random items like the antlers and furniture legs. Next to the shelf I hung some different art. The chalkboard art is from Dear Lillie, the middle piece was drawn by my great great great grandfather, and the bottom was bought in Ireland on one of our trips.

On the entryway bench I added a blanket with lots of texture, along with some neutral pillows and a few plants. I have been going a little crazy with the plants lately! They add so much coziness in my opinion and so far I have kept them all alive! The rug I snatched from the kitchen for now until i find something that will work well here. This space turned out darker then originally planned but I kind of love it. It makes it a little different then the rest of the house but still keeps with a similar style. One day I would love to shiplap this little entryway space.

There you have it! I am loving the new dimension of the space with the new shelf. It feels like it has so much character and depth. I am definitely enjoying discovering the style that is me. I hope this encourages you to go with you love in your own home and to try not to be discouraged by others homes that you feel are so much nicer. So just remember that you are seeing the best part of peoples home. Be true to you and find your own style!