Extra bedroom turned cozy Den

I am so excited to start this week off showing you all a brand new room makeover in our little house! I decided to turn an extra room we had but haven’t been utilizing for anything into a functional space. Our house is a three bedroom with only one living space. I have always wanted a second space to use as a den or second TV room. If you have been following me you know that we don’t have any kids yet (hopefully this is the year but thats a whole other story). Right now one bedroom is the master, the other is a guest room. The third bedroom was going to be made into a man cave for my husband. However, since he isn’t currently living here full time as he finishes school I have recently decided to take over the space. Yep, I got my hand on this room last week and let my creative mind take over! It’s my favorite thing to do.

This story starts with a window. My husband came up to visit for a medical procedure I had to get done for our IVF journey, which was about an hour away from our house. On the drive home we decided *cough cough* I mean I decided we should stop at a couple of my favorite antique stores on the way home since we would be passing them. That was my reasoning anyways. Luckily my husband likes antique shopping just as much as I do! Well almost as much. At the last store Jeff pointed out these beautiful arched window screens that were tucked back in a corner. I honestly didn’t even see them until he showed me! And guess what? They were a great deal because of the screen material instead of glass. It actually works out better for us that way because we move a lot with the military. We won’t have to worry about the glass breaking when moving! I practically danced out of the store with them.

The other piece that pushed me over the edge to create this space is our new couch/chair. We decided go stop by the local Restoration Hardware Outlet that is near our house. I don’t go there very often because I get into trouble and this of course is exactly what happened. They were having an extra 50% off the entire store. We never plan it but always seem to go there when they are having the 50% off sale. I am not sad about that! Well we sat on this piece of furniture and absolutely fell in love with it. Its the cloud series from Restoration Hardware and might be the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on. It is also a pieced together system so you can add to it and move the pieces around which is another great thing for us with moving around every few years. For now they only had one piece with the cover I want so we decided to buy it. I knew it would be perfect up in our new den that I decided to design!

Below is a picture of the cloud from Restoration Hardwares Site. No this is not an ad and I am not getting paid by them (I wish!). Just wanted to share what the full effect would look like. Eventually we want to buy more pieces but for now we just have the middle section which is big enough for two people to sit on.

Alright, enough about the process. Let me show you how the den side of the room came together. (The other side is going to be a small office space that I will share later). Here comes the pictures, are you ready?

I honestly didn’t buy anything else for this room. I grabbed stuff from all over the house that I wasn’t using or that I could take out of a space. The rug was bought for my outside space and I decided it would be perfect in this room instead. It was the perfect fit! I grabbed the antique bench from one of my entryways to use as a small coffee table and placed a small ottoman with it. It was like I bought all these pieces in the past knowing that eventually they would all fit perfectly in this space! We kept the TV stand that was already in there. Decorating it with decor I already had cleaned it up and dressed it up for the space.

The curtains I got for about $20 on sale at Home Goods. I originally was thinking of switching out my curtains in our master bedroom with them. Once I started this room though I knew they would be perfect. I love the grey linen. The little white table on the side was a table that I had downstairs that don’t fit anymore. I had been struggling to figure out where to put it. Hello perfect spot! And the windows we bought? I love them mounted on the wall. I hung a couple of pictures on them to add some depth and I placed a dog bed by the table for the pups. Can’t forget about them!





Isn’t that nap pillow perfect for this space!? You better believe that this is my new nap spot in the house. Every corner in my house I try to make cozy but I think this corner takes the cake. Whether we use it to  snuggle up and watch a movie, escape to read a book, or decide to curl up and take a nap, this space will be such a great place to be! It will be so wonderful having another spot to use and to not have this space wasted anymore. What do you think of our new den? Do you have a favorite space in your home that you like to curl up in? I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a message and be sure to follow along with me on Instagram for sneak peaks of my day to day! Thank you as always for stopping by!!

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